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Sex and The city = real life? Wake up

I came across a blog where a beautiful innocent young girl was praising Sex and the City and saying how it was awesome. She said the following : 

“They are women who have sex whenever, however, and with whoever they want and they aren’t ashamed about it. They talk about sex much like guys talk about sex and it portrays a reality that most media doesn’t”

To other young girls out there, listen up. You need to turn off the TV. I might really hurt your feelings by telling you the truth, but if I can save you now from a horrible life of failures, I will be a happy man.

Sex and the City doesn’t portray a reality. It portrays a dream feminists had 50 years ago and it doesn’t show its real consequences. That dream is complete bullshit, girls. The show portrays how they would like life to be, not how it really is. Do you honestly think that 40 years old women can go around and have sex with whoever they want? Unless you look like Jennifer Lopez or you’re a rich sugar mommy, in which case you have to pay for the sex, the sexual life of an average 40 years old woman is not about having power on handsome lawyers and doctors. It’s about lowering herself to desperately cling to and get lucky with ugly balding guys in the hope they call them back the day after.

Come back to reality girls. TV is not real. A woman in her 40’s doesn’t have that kind of power on men.  Men like youth and beauty, so you need to land your lawyer or your rich actor when you’re in your prime time, which is 18-24 years old. After that, you lose a bit of your sexual attraction ever year.

One last thing. Men don’t fall in love with prostitutes like the characters in Sex and the City. Don’t mistake lust for love. They only want them for a night or two. Your Justin Timberlake or your Brad Pitt won’t like it if her sweetheart has been fucked in every hole by 40 other men before him. He will consider her more like a cheap whore and dump her after he got satisfied for a few nights rather than have a long term relationship with her.


Beta = loser, Alpha = winner?

Whenever I read the manosphere, all I hear and read nowadays is how being an alpha is the shit and being a beta is shit. Even the Huffington Post has jumped in the wagon of praising the alpha.

I understand we need to make guys stronger, and that betas nowadays don’t know how to be men. You’re doing a good job fighting feminism and I’m very grateful for it. But you bloggers are unwisely adding to the equation Beta = loser. What the hell happened to you people? Don’t you realize what you’re doing with your influence? Where are the wiser and least extremist views in the manosphere? On one side, we have Chateau Heartiste and on the other, excuses for men.

The consequence of this is that now every fucking guy wants to be Batman. Team work becomes impossible.

Yeah, Batman is a great alpha. On the outside he looks almighty and indestructible. But Batman needs Beta Robin to watch his back when he’s fighting.  Batman needs a beta nerd to make fast cars and better weapons to kill the bad guys. Batman needs a mayor who works with him in the political area so he does not get stuck talking all day long. Batman needs an old Beta wise man like Alfred to give him perspective on life and calm his urges. Batman needs a secretary so he’s not caught up in mundane tasks. Batman needs good mistresses to cook for him, massage him, listen to him and please him, so the next day he’s up and running.

Without Betas and good women to support him, Batman can’t do his job. He would be less courageous in battle because he would always have to look behind him for sneak attacks. His car would be ordinary and he wouldn’t be able to have all his gadgets. He would waste a lot of his precious time bullshitting at the parliament instead of fighting the villains. He would take fewer risks and be more self-conscious because he’d have nobody to temper his sometimes reckless actions. He would be stuck doing paper work 3 hours a day to keep up with his meetings.

Yeah, life would be hard for Batman. All the damn Robins around him would unsuccessfully try to compete with him instead of being his wing men. The secretaries and mistresses who would once do everything to please him would try to impress him with useless fucking degrees. Batman would be disappointed with the quality of women and search in other countries instead.

Batman would quit his job, seeing how society is pissing on him instead of helping him. He used to put his alpha attributes at the service of society to lead others for common good, but now he would use them for selfish interests. He would have a harem of hot girls, cumulate billions of dollars, and lobby the government to make even more.

I want the manosphere to understand this: there is no society possible without betas. The manosphere needs to stop this bashing because they’re doing on betas what feminists did on women: telling them their traditional role is not wanted anymore, giving them a faulty sense of entitlement, and finally telling them they can all be super stars if they wish it hard enough.

We need to be more responsible and stop increasing global feminism.

With the rise of feminism and the total sexual freedom that ensued, many guys venture into the field of conquering women, eager to score anything and everything from all over the world. It’s now easier than ever to bring a woman to bed, often without even having to buy a 2$ coffee.

Unfortunately, a lot of pillaging occurs and innocent victims are killed. Because feminism has broken down the mechanisms that once protected women from players and seducers, guys are now able to do whatever they want, with whoever they want.  They make no discrimination. They will bed anything as long as it’s hot, from the church girls to the seasoned sluts.

Here’s the problem my fellow men. Every action we do is interrelated and affects society. So, when you pick up a flower from the field of innocence and purity, defile it, then abandon it in the streets of the dumped, the once beautiful and gracious flower grow thorns, gain 50 pounds and become a feminist.

Ok, I understand that the most interesting women to conquer are the shy reserved ones. But we need to be honest with ourselves: if we want to change the world and bring back family values, we need to act with more responsibility and show example. Therefore, we need to avoid the good girls and stick with the bad ones, until later.

Sluts are easy to recognize. There is an inevitable side effect for girls who are ravaged by the sleeping around lifestyle: they become insane. Have you ever encountered a 40 years old street whore? To survive in their environment, street whores develop a special persona that makes them inhuman. They are dirty in the way they talk, walk, dress, stare, breath.  Dirty not so much in a sexual way, but in an animal kind of way. They are overly aggressive and masculine, and they do everything to destroy their femininity, in order to be able to bear the feeling of shame and guilt it harasses them with. It gets to the point where they distance themselves from all their emotions and feelings, quite close to a schizophrenic mind.

Sounds familiar? Sluts are the same but to a lesser degree. They will be distant and cautious from the first moments. They will be selfish, impatient, and aggressive to the point of annoyance. Their trust is hard to earn, and the moment they sense the slightest bad feeling about you, they will step back. They will assume everything you do is a trick or a maneuver. Their approach is guilty until proven otherwise.

So, if you’re a 20 something not husband kind of guy and you encounter a girl who is nice, warm, smiles a lot, trust easier than usual, doesn’t play tricks, is honest and generous, it means she hasn’t been around. Therefore, don’t be selfish and think about your brothers. Leave her alone. Otherwise, you will be polluting the already depleted good girls source we want to have kids with later, and you will be creating new feminists.

Message to young women from a young man

Back in the 60s and 70s, feminists knew what men liked and wanted. They knew exactly, but they tried to tell men that what they want isn’t right. They told them: here’s what you’re supposed to like, otherwise you’re a misogynist: strong, independent, opiniated, career oriented, not submissive, smart, witty…

Back in the day everyone knew, feminists included, that this was a theory not yet proven. It was just wishful thinking, the kind of shit you think about Sunday afternoon when you think about how society is tough and unfair.

But not anymore. People forgot feminism is just a fucking theory. They take it for money now, especially young women. So when I meet them, something wrong happens.

Women try to compete with me. They go out of their way to do weird things, like showing off their skills or trying to boss people around them when I’m there. At first I thought this was badly intentioned, like feminists of the past. But then I realized  these girls try to outcompete me because they  think it turns me on. They’re trying to impress me, like a knight would try to impress a princess. They genuinely think it’s the way to get a guy.

Girl, you couldn’t be more wrong. Here’s what impresses me : beauty, combined with a charming, obedient personality, one who is supportive and appreciative.

Girl, I don’t want to argue with you. I don’t want to knock heads with you. I don’t want to have deep philosophical debates with you. I don’t want to fight with you. Because guess what, my guy friends are way better than you at all those things, and you will never reach their level.

I’m a guy and I do the rough things. I need somebody to complete me, to make me better. If I wanted more of the same I’d be with a guy. I want a feminine woman who knows how to please me, how to raise kids, how to cook good meals, how to be nice and sensitive.  A woman who knows how to push me to be a better man.

Unfortunately, western women are so corrupted by their culture and education that they seem to be a lost cause. I have to turn to foreign women to find what’s I’m looking for. That’s bad news for you ladies, because I’m not the only one anymore.

Feminists don’t care about gay rights

Go anywhere and say you don’t like sissies. You will be called intolerant, or even homophobic. In their war against men, one sneaky weapon feminists cleverly developed was promoting gay rights. They pretended it’s for equality and fairness, that we should not judge others, that we should be tolerant. Yeah right. Their goal is to promote femininity in men.

Boys of the generation X and up were raised by their moms to be emotional and sentimental instead of strong and courageous. In fact, they were taught that feminine values like caring and listening are better than masculine values like being bold or honesty. The result is men are now sissies. But to further destroy the traditional man, feminists made it socially unacceptable to disdain such gayness and femininity in other men, which is a natural reaction for men to have. Men have this natural reaction of disdain because femininity in men is disruptive to productivity. That’s right. When you’ll be busy shouting out facts and arguments, feminine men will be busy getting hurt and emoting. We don’t want them on our team.

So, what better way to further destroy masculinity than enabling and encouraging gays under the veil of equality and fairness? Shame men for not tolerating gays. Make it a social stigma. Make it so bad that you’re considered a monster if you don’t like watching 2 guys fucking each other in the ass. That way, masculine behaviors will be punished, and feminine behaviors will be encouraged in boys. More feminine-like boys will be raised, and less masculine men will be born, and the mean patriarchy will collapse.

Bottom line is, feminists don’t give a shit about equality, or gay rights for that matter. They only care about defending feminity in men. They always defend the excited, out there gay men type, but rarely the silent types one, who remain masculine, whom you don’t even notice their sexual orientation.

If gay men stopped acting effeminate, feminists would accuse them of being misogynists for not having sex with women, and soon homosexuality would become illegal again…

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