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Sex and The city = real life? Wake up

I came across a blog where a beautiful innocent young girl was praising Sex and the City and saying how it was awesome. She said the following : 

“They are women who have sex whenever, however, and with whoever they want and they aren’t ashamed about it. They talk about sex much like guys talk about sex and it portrays a reality that most media doesn’t”

To other young girls out there, listen up. You need to turn off the TV. I might really hurt your feelings by telling you the truth, but if I can save you now from a horrible life of failures, I will be a happy man.

Sex and the City doesn’t portray a reality. It portrays a dream feminists had 50 years ago and it doesn’t show its real consequences. That dream is complete bullshit, girls. The show portrays how they would like life to be, not how it really is. Do you honestly think that 40 years old women can go around and have sex with whoever they want? Unless you look like Jennifer Lopez or you’re a rich sugar mommy, in which case you have to pay for the sex, the sexual life of an average 40 years old woman is not about having power on handsome lawyers and doctors. It’s about lowering herself to desperately cling to and get lucky with ugly balding guys in the hope they call them back the day after.

Come back to reality girls. TV is not real. A woman in her 40’s doesn’t have that kind of power on men.  Men like youth and beauty, so you need to land your lawyer or your rich actor when you’re in your prime time, which is 18-24 years old. After that, you lose a bit of your sexual attraction ever year.

One last thing. Men don’t fall in love with prostitutes like the characters in Sex and the City. Don’t mistake lust for love. They only want them for a night or two. Your Justin Timberlake or your Brad Pitt won’t like it if her sweetheart has been fucked in every hole by 40 other men before him. He will consider her more like a cheap whore and dump her after he got satisfied for a few nights rather than have a long term relationship with her.


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3 thoughts on “Sex and The city = real life? Wake up

  1. Thanks for taking the time to comment on this. The reality I was referring to was more about how women in real life talk about sex and feel about sex in general. Of course I know that women in their 40s aren’t usually going to come by men as easily as they do on the show. For most of the series, they are in their 30s though and plenty of men find women who look like they do in real life as desirable well into their 40s.

    I’m not sure how much of the show you have watched but the characters aren’t prostitutes. I’m not sure where you got that from. But if men want to judge them for how many other men they have slept with, then that says more about them than it does about the women.

    Men in the manosphere have higher standards when it comes to looks as sexual history and I’m not sure why because they aren’t perfect, but the rest of men in society aren’t this picky.

  2. Feminists pretend that just because the guy fucked them, that the guy could/would also love them.

  3. Well, the rest of men in society are passing a little trick on you girls: they drop down their standards and expect you to do the same for them. So, you’ll get boyfriends who won’t judge you for your sexual past and lack of femininity. You think it’s great at first. But in exchange, they will expect you to tolerate their lack of ambition and courage and their immaturity. They will expect you to pick up the slack and lead for them at times where you would want them to take charge. They will be indecisive and won’t know too much what they want. Maybe that’s a fair deal for a woman who has little to offer, but when you’re young and attractive, you will want better than that.

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