Saving the world from self destruction

Beta = loser, Alpha = winner?

Whenever I read the manosphere, all I hear and read nowadays is how being an alpha is the shit and being a beta is shit. Even the Huffington Post has jumped in the wagon of praising the alpha.

I understand we need to make guys stronger, and that betas nowadays don’t know how to be men. You’re doing a good job fighting feminism and I’m very grateful for it. But you bloggers are unwisely adding to the equation Beta = loser. What the hell happened to you people? Don’t you realize what you’re doing with your influence? Where are the wiser and least extremist views in the manosphere? On one side, we have Chateau Heartiste and on the other, excuses for men.

The consequence of this is that now every fucking guy wants to be Batman. Team work becomes impossible.

Yeah, Batman is a great alpha. On the outside he looks almighty and indestructible. But Batman needs Beta Robin to watch his back when he’s fighting.  Batman needs a beta nerd to make fast cars and better weapons to kill the bad guys. Batman needs a mayor who works with him in the political area so he does not get stuck talking all day long. Batman needs an old Beta wise man like Alfred to give him perspective on life and calm his urges. Batman needs a secretary so he’s not caught up in mundane tasks. Batman needs good mistresses to cook for him, massage him, listen to him and please him, so the next day he’s up and running.

Without Betas and good women to support him, Batman can’t do his job. He would be less courageous in battle because he would always have to look behind him for sneak attacks. His car would be ordinary and he wouldn’t be able to have all his gadgets. He would waste a lot of his precious time bullshitting at the parliament instead of fighting the villains. He would take fewer risks and be more self-conscious because he’d have nobody to temper his sometimes reckless actions. He would be stuck doing paper work 3 hours a day to keep up with his meetings.

Yeah, life would be hard for Batman. All the damn Robins around him would unsuccessfully try to compete with him instead of being his wing men. The secretaries and mistresses who would once do everything to please him would try to impress him with useless fucking degrees. Batman would be disappointed with the quality of women and search in other countries instead.

Batman would quit his job, seeing how society is pissing on him instead of helping him. He used to put his alpha attributes at the service of society to lead others for common good, but now he would use them for selfish interests. He would have a harem of hot girls, cumulate billions of dollars, and lobby the government to make even more.

I want the manosphere to understand this: there is no society possible without betas. The manosphere needs to stop this bashing because they’re doing on betas what feminists did on women: telling them their traditional role is not wanted anymore, giving them a faulty sense of entitlement, and finally telling them they can all be super stars if they wish it hard enough.


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