Saving the world from self destruction

We need to be more responsible and stop increasing global feminism.

With the rise of feminism and the total sexual freedom that ensued, many guys venture into the field of conquering women, eager to score anything and everything from all over the world. It’s now easier than ever to bring a woman to bed, often without even having to buy a 2$ coffee.

Unfortunately, a lot of pillaging occurs and innocent victims are killed. Because feminism has broken down the mechanisms that once protected women from players and seducers, guys are now able to do whatever they want, with whoever they want.  They make no discrimination. They will bed anything as long as it’s hot, from the church girls to the seasoned sluts.

Here’s the problem my fellow men. Every action we do is interrelated and affects society. So, when you pick up a flower from the field of innocence and purity, defile it, then abandon it in the streets of the dumped, the once beautiful and gracious flower grow thorns, gain 50 pounds and become a feminist.

Ok, I understand that the most interesting women to conquer are the shy reserved ones. But we need to be honest with ourselves: if we want to change the world and bring back family values, we need to act with more responsibility and show example. Therefore, we need to avoid the good girls and stick with the bad ones, until later.

Sluts are easy to recognize. There is an inevitable side effect for girls who are ravaged by the sleeping around lifestyle: they become insane. Have you ever encountered a 40 years old street whore? To survive in their environment, street whores develop a special persona that makes them inhuman. They are dirty in the way they talk, walk, dress, stare, breath.  Dirty not so much in a sexual way, but in an animal kind of way. They are overly aggressive and masculine, and they do everything to destroy their femininity, in order to be able to bear the feeling of shame and guilt it harasses them with. It gets to the point where they distance themselves from all their emotions and feelings, quite close to a schizophrenic mind.

Sounds familiar? Sluts are the same but to a lesser degree. They will be distant and cautious from the first moments. They will be selfish, impatient, and aggressive to the point of annoyance. Their trust is hard to earn, and the moment they sense the slightest bad feeling about you, they will step back. They will assume everything you do is a trick or a maneuver. Their approach is guilty until proven otherwise.

So, if you’re a 20 something not husband kind of guy and you encounter a girl who is nice, warm, smiles a lot, trust easier than usual, doesn’t play tricks, is honest and generous, it means she hasn’t been around. Therefore, don’t be selfish and think about your brothers. Leave her alone. Otherwise, you will be polluting the already depleted good girls source we want to have kids with later, and you will be creating new feminists.


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