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Message to young women from a young man

Back in the 60s and 70s, feminists knew what men liked and wanted. They knew exactly, but they tried to tell men that what they want isn’t right. They told them: here’s what you’re supposed to like, otherwise you’re a misogynist: strong, independent, opiniated, career oriented, not submissive, smart, witty…

Back in the day everyone knew, feminists included, that this was a theory not yet proven. It was just wishful thinking, the kind of shit you think about Sunday afternoon when you think about how society is tough and unfair.

But not anymore. People forgot feminism is just a fucking theory. They take it for money now, especially young women. So when I meet them, something wrong happens.

Women try to compete with me. They go out of their way to do weird things, like showing off their skills or trying to boss people around them when I’m there. At first I thought this was badly intentioned, like feminists of the past. But then I realized  these girls try to outcompete me because they  think it turns me on. They’re trying to impress me, like a knight would try to impress a princess. They genuinely think it’s the way to get a guy.

Girl, you couldn’t be more wrong. Here’s what impresses me : beauty, combined with a charming, obedient personality, one who is supportive and appreciative.

Girl, I don’t want to argue with you. I don’t want to knock heads with you. I don’t want to have deep philosophical debates with you. I don’t want to fight with you. Because guess what, my guy friends are way better than you at all those things, and you will never reach their level.

I’m a guy and I do the rough things. I need somebody to complete me, to make me better. If I wanted more of the same I’d be with a guy. I want a feminine woman who knows how to please me, how to raise kids, how to cook good meals, how to be nice and sensitive.  A woman who knows how to push me to be a better man.

Unfortunately, western women are so corrupted by their culture and education that they seem to be a lost cause. I have to turn to foreign women to find what’s I’m looking for. That’s bad news for you ladies, because I’m not the only one anymore.


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4 thoughts on “Message to young women from a young man

  1. darlingdoll on said:

    Women have forgotten that there is strength in femininity. Feminine strength compliments male strength, it does not compete with it.

    “Unfortunately, western women are so corrupted by their culture and education that they seem to be a lost cause.”~ The truly unfortunate thing is that from what I hear, the western mentality that women should be strong, independent, “I don’t need a man as long as I have my cat” is seeping into other cultures that at traditionally valued the differences between men and women.

    • That’s right. There are a lot of things I can’t do as well as women and I feel out of my element. I need to think about this subject and write an article about it. You should do one too. Femininity has been raped by feminism as much as masculinity and it needs to be rescued.

      As for other cultures, I’ve had girlfriends from latin america and Africa, and what you say is true. In big African cities they watch sex and the city… and they start to hate men. It’s so stupid to see they copy western civilization without any critique. But the good news is they’re in transition, like western societies of the 60’s. A chunk of their society still remain traditional, especially in smaller cities. I’ll have to hurry up and sweep a woman off her feet to save her from this mess.

  2. You just said yourself that you want an obedient woman and then go on to put down their skills and abilities and that’s a big problem. Men are not the authority over women and you just displays such disrespect towards women who don’t want to play your game your way. No wonder why you are angry. You need to let go of this power trip.

  3. I respect women who have the qualities I described above. I disrespect feminists for the damage they have done to society, and I disrespect the men and women who embodies feminism even if they don’t call themselves feminists. They are walking advertisement for the ideology.

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